Bio Energy is a healing therapy that works by releasing blocked energy in the body. Everything living and non-living is energy.

The human body is an energetic system, constantly interacting energetically with its environment. In order for the human body to exist, the Energy vibrating within and around it must be a fusion of Cosmic (sun, stars, moon and planets) and planet Earth Energy. These Energies meet at the Heart to form the Life Force Energy or Bio Energy.

For optimal health and bodily function the Life Force Energy within the body should be in a continuous state of flow up and down the body as well as receiving energy inwards and radiating energy outwards. The Energy radiating outwards forms a vibrating electromagnetic field called the Aura.

Within the Aura are the Chakras, whirlpool (vortex) like centres which bring this Life Force Energy into the body. There are at least 7 major Chakras in the body. Each Chakra nourishes a particular Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual dimension of the person as well as relating to specific Organs, Glands, Meridians and Auric Fields. All of these aspects contribute to the individuals well being.

When the Chakras are working at their optimum, the Energy flows freely and easily through the body in a balanced manner. This results in optimal cell performance and function. This fine balance of energy can be knocked out by the demands of everyday life and compromise the flow of Energy within the body.

When a Chakra is functioning sub-optimally, the Energy in that part of the body becomes imbalanced, stagnant or trapped leading to an energy blockage. The blockage in the energy flow can show as an excess or deficiency of energy in the relevant Chakra. This blocked energy is neither good or bad energy, it is just blocked energy.

All Dis-ease or Illness starts in the Aura and is the consequence of blocked energy flow that is allowed to persist. The blocked energy can be present in the Aura up to a year prior to the appearance or manifestation of any pathology in the physical body.

Bio Energy is a drug free, non invasive, safe and painless therapy.

The Bio Energy Therapist is trained to be sensitive (feeling, seeing, intuiting) to the Energy and to detect any imbalances in the Energy field. The Therapist using a combination of intention, breath and a series of non touch hand techniques around the body, works to draw out and clear the imbalanced and blocked energy to release it in the affected Chakras and then reestablishes the natural flow of energy around the body.

Bio Energy therapy stimulates and provokes the Immune System which activates the body’s healing process and powers. The innate intelligence of the energy contains all the information for optimal cell performance which the body needs to heal itself. The energy knows where it is needed and goes to where there is a energy deficiency or removes energy where there is an energy excess. This helps to restore and reestablish a free and balanced energy flow – the original environment or “ideal state” within the Chakras and throughout the entire energetic field.

The role of the Bio Energy Therapists is to facilitate the restoration of the balanced energy flow or “ideal state” within the Chakras and the energy field of the client.