Having no prior experience of Bio Energy treatment I was quite unsure as to what to expect before attending for my first session with Mary. However, her friendly, reassuring and professional manner put me instantly at ease. Mary explained the concept of Bio Energy in detail and took a full medical history from me. I was a little apprehensive not really knowing what to expect, but Mary reassured me and all that she requested was that I remained ‘open’ to the treatment.

I had no specific health issues but wished to try the treatment as had read about Bio Energy and was intrigued to experience it for myself.

Even after the first session I experienced immediate relaxation. Over the following days I noticed an increase in my energy levels and I was overcome with an immense sense of fulfilled contentment. I felt calm and relaxed with a deep sense of happiness.

As weird as it sounds I felt like I was radiating happiness! Quite an amazing feeling! My energy and motivation levels soared and my batteries felt recharged for many weeks after my sessions ended. The whole experience was quite amazing.

After each session Mary enquired as to how I was feeling and clarified any sensations or emotions that I may experience following each treatment. I found this very reassuring particularly as I had never partaken in Bio Energy previously.

I could not recommended Mary highly enough. She is very passionate about Bio Energy treatments and has a great ability to put one at ease. I have every intention of continuing to see Mary for future maintenance treatments…

I want to continue feeling this good well into the future!