I would like to say a few words – about two treatments I have been having from nurse Mary O’Connor. My first treatment was at the ‘Arc’ in Eccles Street & was called ‘Bio Energy’. I’d had cancer and was feeling a tad lethargic, so I decided to avail of this treatment. I have to say I found it to be very good and helpful.

This treatment is non invasive – but when the nurse (Mary) would place her hands on my head – I found it simply felt as though every ache and malaise seemed to lift. Likewise I would feel a comforting heat round my feet when she would work round them. It felt very comfortable. I have to say I ‘m glad I availed of the Bio Energy treatment.

The sessions run for 4/5 weeks. I am at present involved in a treatment called ” The Hidden Mind ” also with Mary O’Connor. This too I find very helpful.

These treatments are available to everyone – I would recommend them to anyone.