It is recommended that the client attend for a course of Hidden Mind Investigative and Corrective Sound Therapy corrections. This involves 3 treatments over a six month period or sooner. However this is very individual and is dependant on your illness/condition and its duration. Investigation of the subconscious mind will indicate the number of treatments required for the specific individual.

What does the client need to do?

Bring your commitment of time and engagement to the Investigative and Corrective Sound Treatment. Turn up for your appointments with an open mind and a willingness to getting better and having improved health.

The treatments are conducted in a private room and last approximately forty five minutes to one hour. You remain fully clothed apart from removing spectacles, quartz watches and metals. During the treatment you lie on a plinth and at all times are fully conscious and in control. You are asked to keep your eyes open as you are an active participant in the assessment and correction and expected to engage with the therapist when relevant.

What do I expect during a correction?

Using a pendulum (dousing) the therapist investigates the physical, nutritional, electrical and emotional fields of the individual through investigation of the 28 Cardinal Frequencies.

The therapist conducts an in-depth observation and investigation of the physical body which may reveal any structural anomalies which are the effects of unresolved shock. The shock may be physical, emotional, environmental or toxic in origin.

The Therapist uses a series of statements to investigate the individuals subconscious mind. This reveals and identifies any subliminal experiences, traumas, shock or memories of same if present. These are the upto now undetectable causes of symptoms and illness or disease in the individual. The Life Force and Organic Function of the Organs and Glands is investigated and determined. The emotional and electrical fields of the individual are investigated through the Auric Fields, Chakras and Meridians.

All deviations identified are put into the Master Correction. Some deviations need to be corrected in isolation either at the time they are found or generally following the Master Correction.

The Hidden Mind Investigative and Corrective Sound Therapy uses Scent, Semi Precious Stones, Intent, Sound and Coloured Cotton Frequencies to correct deep energetic blockages. These therapies contain unique information that the subconscious mind recognises. They delete negative cell memories, thought forms, emotions, phobias and anxiety states leading to a balanced energy field and a healthier mind body relationship.

Advice post treatment.

The therapist gives you feedback pertinent to your investigation and advises on measures to be taken in relation to diet, nutritional supplementation, hydration and exercise to encourage you towards self responsibility for your optimal health. You may be advised to play sound tracks from a patient CD for a period of time following your correction.

You are advised that you may experience either a physical detox or an emotional release following the correction. These are possible things that may or may not occur. Physical detox includes headache, flu like symptoms, pains & aches, nausea, diarrhoea, upset tummy, flatulence or bloating.

Emotional release includes extreme laughter, crying, weeping or anger. Children may have a worsening of their symptoms or become more boisterous, hyperactive, shouting or screaming before they get better.