It is recommended that the client attend for a course of Bio Energy Treatments. There are two treatment course options. Choose whichever is the most convenient and suits you the best.

Option 1:

A forty minute treatment session once a week for 3 weeks with one follow up forty minute treatment session a month later.

Option 2:

A twenty minute treatment session 4 days in a row with one forty minute treatment session a month later.

Following a course of Bio Energy Treatments, you are advised to have a minimum of one maintenance session once a year to maintain your health. However this is very individual and is dependant on your illness/condition and its duration. If you have been unwell for a long period you may be advised to have another treatment or course of treatments sooner.

What does the client need to do?

Bring your commitment of time and engagement to the Bio Energy therapy. Turn up for your appointments with an open mind and a willingness to getting better and having improved health.

The treatments are conducted in a private room with some soft gentle music playing. You remain fully clothed apart from removing your shoes, spectacles, quartz watches and metals.

During the treatment session you stand and sit during different phases of the treatment. If unable to stand the treatment can be carried out with you seated throughout the session. The majority of the techniques are non touch but some techniques require the laying on of hands.

What do I expect during a treatment?

During a treatment you may experience sensations such as tingling, coolness, heat, a sensation of being pulled or swaying backwards and forwards. This is indicative that the energy is moving and releasing and that the energy is being balanced. However If you do not experience these symptoms it does not infer that nothing is happening in your energy field.

Advice post treatment.

You get feedback relevant to your treatment session and advice on measures to be taken such as diet, nutrition, exercise as well as introducing Positive Affirmations, Gratitude and the Spiritual Laws of Nature to encourage you towards self responsibility for your health. You are advised to drink plenty of water post a treatment session.

You may experience one of four possible outcomes to the session.

  1. A short term worsening of your condition/symptoms before you get better. This indicates a detox of the physical body and is an important part of the healing process and usually a prelude to the return to health. Some clients experience an emotional detox. Either response is good with neither one being better than the other.
  2. You may start to feel great from the start of treatments and never look back – wonderful.
  3. You may experience very little during a session or the course of sessions yet make a full recovery a few months later.
  4. You have no response/reaction to the therapy. You may not be ready for the healing and change in your life or Bio Energy may not be the therapy for you. In this case I advise you to consider alternative therapies.