I had been feeling a bit low in myself and a friend of mine recommended some sessions of Bio-energy with Mary. It was a type of alternative therapy I was unfamiliar with. From the moment I met Mary I felt safe as she explained the process of Bio-energy.

From the out set Mary was professional, informative, respectful and empathic. At every session I was fascinated listening to the Mary. Her nursing back ground complimented Bio-energy as Mary very simply explained the functioning of the body along with the different Meridians, Auric Fields, Chakras etc.

After four sessions with Mary I felt a significant increase in my energy and I was also able to release some old grief that I was unaware I was still holding on to.

Not only do I recommend Bio-energy as a non evasive, scientific, holistic therapy, I also highly recommend Mary for her professional skills and qualities necessary to be an excellent therapist.